Second OB Appointment

We went back for doctor’s appointment #2 yesterday. Brendon got to join me again. I am very, very happy that he’s been able to be there with me.

The nurse got my weight, but she didn’t announce it this time. I am pretty sure it was 161, which is actually down a pound from 2 weeks ago, which doesn’t seem particularly good. I think I was wearing lighter clothes this time, though. Anyway, nobody mentioned it during the appointment so I’m not going to worry about it. (Though I sure wish I could find that bathroom scale…) She took my blood pressure, which was high again. She didn’t say what that was either. She did say, with a patronizing smile, that probably once I got farther along and less nervous at these appointments, it probably wouldn’t be quite so high.

Dr. G came in and asked how I’d been feeling and if we’d “had a lot of laughs” in the past 2 weeks. We said yes, lots of laughs, and a fair bit of panic, too. A healthy mix.

We get started with the ultrasound. All three are still in there and look just fine, though he has trouble getting a good image of all three at once.

In fact, they are almost starting to resemble very small people when he focuses in one at a time. Just a little. Brendon is standing a lot closer to the monitor, and he very clearly sees the heartbeat on center-baby. I can only sort of make it out from my stirrup-bound vantage point. The measurements are still right on track, and it is more apparent that yes, they are all the same size.

I sit up and we chat with Dr. G. Having made it this far with everything looking just fine, there is a very low chance of miscarrying one or more at this point. He would be surprised to see that happen. (He says “knock on wood” every time he mentions this as a possibility. He did that last time, too.) Because they are in separate sacs, he says there’s 98% probability they are all fraternal. That is good news. A lot of the risks with multiples are a lot higher with identical, and also, yay for being able to easily tell them apart.

There are some logistical things. For one, I should expect to have a hassle on my hands dealing with Tricare and the referral to Providence; we’ll see how that plays out in a couple of weeks. If an emergency situation comes up, I will be able to go to the local hospital and they could even do the C-section there. Only, then they would have to transfer the babies to the level 3 nursery an hour away, which of course carries come risks, and it would be a couple of days before I could join them. Not ideal.

The next appointment will be February 28, at 12 weeks. There will be an exam then as well as another ultrasound. If everything still looks fine then, I’ll be bumped up to high-risk care and be commuting for my appointments.

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