Taking it With a Grain of Salt (Except That Might Cause Preeclampsia)

I’m reading this:

I started to get a little freaked out yesterday while reading Chapter 3, on weight gain goals and nutrition guidelines. Then, I took a step back and processed it and settled down.

The book is pretty strongly worded – as in, “If you aren’t meeting all of our goals and requirements, then anything that goes wrong with your pregnancy is your own fault.” Well, I haven’t been meeting all of their goals and requirements. I don’t actually know how much weight I’ve gained at 10 weeks, but I do know it isn’t 15-20 lbs and therefore I’m not on track, according to their chart, to make it to 38-50 lbs by 24 weeks. In fact, that’s a really, really scary looking number considering it’s only a little more than 3 months from now.

Now, I can accept when the authors say that the up to 24 week gain is the most important and that the rate of gain may taper off after that point. I can accept the authors’ claim that women who have gained 36 lbs or more by 24 weeks have triplets with over a half pound greater birth weight, and that’s great and I definitely want that. I can even accept the lower end of the range for their total recommended weight gain, 58 lbs (even though that’s still pretty daunting), as that’s within the range that I’ve seen from a lot of other sources including the American Pregnancy Association. But the upper end of the book’s range – 75 lbs – what?!?! I can’t fathom putting on half again my body weight by this summer. Or ever.

Just how am I supposed to get to this number? Basically, I should be eating something substantial every 2 to 3 hours. The authors recommend a 4,000 calorie per day diet. 200g protein, 400g carbs, and about 180g fat.

…Ugh. I just am not that hungry. I keep hearing that I’m supposed to be feeling ravenous, but I feel no hungrier now than I did two or three months ago. Now, I will try to do what I can. I will try and condition myself to eating more and more often, and I will focus on adding protein and getting balanced nutrition and all of that. Heck, I’ve already been doing that before I ever picked up this book. And I will find that scale in one of these moving boxes!

But, I will not obsess over missing a serving of dairy last Tuesday or about this one book’s magical weight gain schedule. I will not feel guilty for not having gained any more than 10 lbs thus far (if that), even though I haven’t been sick. And I haven’t – I started taking the prenatal vitamin after breakfast and haven’t had any more issues since the one time. It does make me feel a little nauseated though, thinking about the mountain of food I theoretically ought to be eating each day.

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2 Responses to Taking it With a Grain of Salt (Except That Might Cause Preeclampsia)

  1. LaGramma says:

    That’s my logical,bright girl!

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