I have always sworn I’d never own a minivan. Today we test drove one, the Honda Odyssey.

Darn it, it was pretty nice. Comfortable, easy to drive, not nearly as sluggish as I thought it would feel. Didn’t feel as huge behind the wheel as it looks on the outside, either, and I think I could manage it fine in parking lots. Good visibility. Impressive turning radius. Can’t argue with its safety ratings. Possibly the best fuel economy of all the 2011 minivans. Offers loads of features, full of fancy tricks. And it fits 3 car seats across the middle row. I mean, I’ll have to get it in a bold color – not minivan gold, or one of the 4 shades of silver – in order to not feel like I’ve totally given up on having a personality. But, yeah, okay, I could drive this thing.

Of course, the Odyssey is kind of the obvious choice, right? It’s been the best selling minivan in the US for the last couple of years, and it wins all the awards. So, the test drive today we’re considering as the benchmark. I honestly think that yes, we would be satisfied if we get the Odyssey – but, maybe it’s the nonconformist in me, I tend to balk at the obvious choice unless I’m satisfied that it’s really, truly the most logical one. So we’re going to drive at least one other van and see if it meets the mark set by the Odyssey. Also, I think we have to wait until getting our monster stroller before we make the vehicle purchase, just to be sure it fits.

(Unfortunately the other minivan we’re interested in, the new 2011 Nissan Quest, hasn’t made it to local dealerships yet. At the moment, that’s the only other one that’s made our short list. We went to an auto show a few weeks ago and crawled through all the vans there, and while we didn’t drive anything that day, there was nothing we liked while just moving the seats around and sitting behind the wheel as well as we liked the Odyssey. However, the Quest was not in attendance that day, since it hadn’t even been released. )

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3 Responses to Odyssey

  1. Zoe says:

    You could always put a bunch of stickers on the back…

  2. cmcpokey says:

    especially those little stick figures…..

    i hate those things.

  3. Zoe says:

    Right! The stick figures! Yall will need one for Cara, one for Brendon, 3 babies, a dog and a cat. The daddy figure needs to be wearing a naval uniform, and the mommy needs to be holding a book or something so that we can all know she’s a librarian. You’ll also need to get new baby stick figures progressively, because the people driving behind you need to know the relative ages of your children.

    You know what, this is getting kind of time consuming, so why don’t you just write a complete autobiography of your lives and bolt it to the back of the van! Great idea!

    (Totally with you on the stick figures. They’re so annoying).

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