Belly Shots at 12 Weeks








What a difference an outfit makes! In the photo on the left, I am wearing full-panel maternity jeans and a maternity t-shirt. After this shot, I changed into regular pre-pregnancy jeans and an old brown shirt, and then took the photo on the right. Pretty big difference, right?! Having the elastic band up by my rib cage instead of at hip level changes where the bulge sticks out. Plus, having the long shirt not breaking up the waist just emphasizes it all the more. Maternity clothes, in other words, totally make me look pregnant now and not just chunky. I am thinking of ways of using this newfound skill to my advantage.

Measuring 39.5″ this week. We couldn’t find the bathroom scale, so we bought a new, cheap one. I don’t know whether it’s because the scale is crappy or none of the floors are level, but it is saying I weigh essentially the same as I weighed in November and the reading hasn’t gone up AT ALL in the week since we bought it. (Brendon likes the scale though. It is friendly to him.)

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