Third OB Appointment

My new work schedule definitely impacts my blogging time! I’m only now getting to Monday’s appointment. Apologies to anyone who has been waiting anxiously.

This was the last time visiting Dr. G. The last two times, they’ve basically just asked how I’m feeling, gotten my weight and BP, and then turned the camera on the babies. This appointment involved a slightly more intensive exam, with a pap smear and a urine sample and a stethoscope and so forth. They gave me a flu shot (owwie). The doc also ordered up a bunch of blood tests, so I had to go back yesterday afternoon and have about 10 little vials of my blood drawn at the lab. All that stuff is boring; basically, no causes for alarm, and I haven’t heard anything about test results yet. My BP is still pretty high, but it’s been virtually the same reading each time – consistency is good, right? – and no one has mentioned it as being a problem yet. We’ll see if the Providence doctor has anything to say about that soon.

My weight according to Dr. G’s scale is still EXACTLY THE SAME as at 7 weeks. How is this possible? Clearly I am enormous. I am baffled. Need more cake and bacon…

Anyway, let’s get to the really neat stuff!!

First, before the ultrasound, Dr. G got out the doppler and we heard a heart beat for the first time! He didn’t really mess around trying to find all three, which is pretty tricky to do while actually making sure you’re not hearing the same one twice.

Then we had the ultrasound. This was the first external one, with the cold goop right on the belly. (That actually felt pretty good, since they seem to keep their exam rooms set at around 95 F.) This ultrasound was a totally different experience. The little guys (or gals) have grown a ton and they really are distinguishable as babies now, instead of grey blobs floating inside bigger black blobs. And, they were MOVING! A LOT! Only one was really positioned so that we could easily see it in full profile. It was having a grand time trying out all of its new muscles, twisting its whole body around. The other two were just as active, only a little harder to get on screen. We could clearly see their arms waving and heads moving though. It was like a big party in my uterus, with all kinds of crazy dancing. In another three weeks or so, supposedly I should start to feel their movements. I wonder if Ill be able to get any rest at all then! It was really an awesome, bizarre thing to watch.

Unfortunately we were too caught up in astonishment, and it was too brief, to think to pull out an iPhone and capture it all on video. Nor did we take home any printouts. Dr. G didn’t even do any measurements (but everybody looked about the same size to me). Mostly this ultrasound was done to make sure all three were still alive so that they could process the referral to the triplet OB. And yes, all are very much alive – and kicking, as they say.

Granted, Dr. G doesn’t handle triplets much, but he’s given no indication that he is at all worried about anything (other than our stress level/sanity after they are born!). Looking at the triplets squirming about, he told us we had “hit the jackpot.” I have a few things to ask the new doctor, about weight gain and nutrition, whether I should be doing anything to lower my blood pressure (other than reduce my salt intake, I know that one), how long I should expect to be able to go to work, etc. But things are going well. I’m not sure when that next appointment will be, but Dr. G’s nurse said she would request in the referral that they get me in within two weeks. I should hear something from the new doctor’s office in the next few days.

Hopefully the new doctor does some 3D ultrasounds for us. That will certainly be a trip. If so, we might even be able to find out the genders at our next appointment! If we’re stuck with regular equipment, it will probably still be another month before that question is answered. Until then, I made a poll so you can vote, over on the right side of the page, for what you think they’ll be.

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  1. gramma mcb says:

    OOOOOHHHHH, I am so excited!
    and….. Happy Birthday.

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