NT Scan: Lots of Pictures

Everything did work out with insurance by the end of yesterday; Tricare even gave me a courtesy call to tell me it was approved! So we had the nuchal translucency scan this morning. Bottom line, all of the NT measurements were well within the normal range, which means a very low probability of Down Syndrome and miscellaneous other abnormalities. In other words, so far all three are looking healthy! Here’s each baby:

Baby A.

Baby B, with both hands by its face; A's head is seen at bottom right.

Baby C, the only cooperative one.

The appointment took almost 2 hours, all ultrasound time, because Babies A and B wouldn’t cooperate and sit in the right position for our sonographer, Wanda, to get the necessary measurement (which she had to do three times on each baby). She tried several times to physically jiggle the babies, rather vigorously, to get them to move around how she wanted. It seemed like just being patient and waiting for them to change position was more effective. All three heartbeats were practically the same and very normal, 152, 153, and 154 bpm (we don’t believe the wives tale that would suggest all girls). The one slightly disconcerting thing was that the crown-to-rump measurements were a little behind. By my calendar, today is 13 weeks 3 days; C measured 13w1d, B measured 12w5d, and A measured 12w3d. Hopefully it’s just that the measurements were not very accurate because of how they are all smooshed in their cramped space. C, being on top, has the most room to stretch out so maybe that’s why it looked bigger. After the first trimester (therefore, soon) crown-to-rump isn’t the method used to measure fetal growth, so we’ll see if anything changes with a different method. No worrying about it now.

Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take any video. We asked. You’ll have to settle for verbal description and scanned stills.

The babies were all pretty active today, maybe not quite as rambunctious as last week, but plenty of limbs waving around. Baby B kept doing this one move where it put its feet up against its sac and pushed off quickly, which was fun to watch. We got a much better sense of how they are situated, which is basically each one right above the next (A at the bottom and C on top). A and C are slightly more to my right, and B is slightly more to the left. The whole appointment, Wanda and her wand felt a lot like the cat walking around on my stomach.  It got a bit tiresome. Depending on how hard she’d push the wand, we could see varying degrees of skin or bones and organs. The equipment at this place was tons more advanced than Dr. G’s machine. Even so, and also unfortunately, no word on the genders. (That means you still have plenty of time to vote in the poll if you haven’t already.)

At the end of the appointment, I was supposed to have blood drawn to complete the “combined screen” testing for a specific protein in my blood – but when Wanda told the other nurse I was ready to go, the other nurse said that they can’t do the blood screen for triplets. And that was the full explanation they gave. The internet, though, does say that carrying multiples can be a reason for a high result on the AFP blood test, so I guess we’ll just live without. Since the ultrasound measurements were good, I’m not too worried about missing the blood test, since (to my knowledge) it’s checking for most of the same defects.

Anyhow. How about a bunch more baby photos?

A, waving a foot around.

A, with its hand to its face.

B, apparently sucking its thumb.

B, with the vertebrae and brain clearly visible, and A's head to the bottom right side.

C, hands and feet waving.

C, with its mouth open.

A, face view, part of brain visible. Sort of creepy looking.

B, on its side, also looking creepy.

Sadly, no prints of all three in one shot. I thought Wanda got one or two at the beginning, but I guess not. We did get some neat 3D shots though. Like I said, impressive equipment. They are composite, computer-constructed images, which is why the babies look kind of squiggly or lumpy or appear to have feet missing. The best 3D shots were of Baby A, while we only got one (pretty scary looking) 3D of Baby C.

Baby A in 3D, umbilical cord visible.

Baby A from the side.

Baby A kind of looks like a boy, but that may just be a foot.

Baby B in 3D.

Baby B is camera shy.

The only 3D shot we got of Baby C, not looking especially cute.

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6 Responses to NT Scan: Lots of Pictures

  1. Zoe says:

    Yay for pictures!! And yay for good NT measurements.

    Baby C, in the last picture reminds me of this – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxd7W7q-THw&feature=related

  2. gramma mcb says:

    A remarkable, beautiful sight.

  3. Cheryl Wilson says:

    Love looking at all the pictures and wait anxiously for any news.

  4. Angela says:

    So cute, and already being mischievious and giving mom a fit because they won’t sit still! Congrats 3 times over, again…

  5. Cara says:

    Thanks everybody. 🙂
    And (Great) Gramma Cheryl, remember no news is good news!!

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