Belly Shot at 15 Weeks

Measuring 41″ around, and I’ve gained about 9 pounds now. I find the complete lack of correlation between weight and inches to be pretty interesting. How is it that, pound-wise, this week I gained half again what I had gained up to last Sunday, but only put on half an inch out of 5 total inches increased?

A 3 lb increase is encouraging though. If I’m going to meet the suggestion of that Dr. Luke book and make it to 36 lbs by 24 weeks, then the math works out to 3 lbs every week from now until then. Crazy, right? I have been extremely lucky to not have battled with morning sickness, but frequently I feel a bit ill just because I’ve overstuffed myself. The hefty grocery bills have been telling the tale. Of course, my changing profile really gives it away now, too. I mean, I look down and see the belly every day and I know it’s getting bigger, but it wasn’t really until taking this picture that I realized how much the belly now sticks out past my boobs. Belly is firm to the touch, too. It’s bizarre. Pregnancy is weird.

We have an appointment with the high risk OB tomorrow, bright and early. Check back tomorrow evening to see how it went, and if there are any big announcements!

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2 Responses to Belly Shot at 15 Weeks

  1. Dad says:

    You now look pregnant !!

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