Having A Not So Good Day

Physically I have had a very easy time with my pregnancy. Occasionally though, I have had some days where I don’t feel quite myself. Mostly it’s been due to headaches. This morning I experienced a brief but somewhat alarming episode. It was shortly after I’d gotten to work, when I was still the only one in the office.

It started with a vague feeling of uneasiness, followed by shaky hands and feeling very warm. I headed to the bathroom, just in case. Climbing up the two flights of stairs to where the bathroom is, took a lot out of me and precipitated the full force of the symptoms. Pounding pulse, a loud whine in my ears, sweating, misery. I sat for several minutes resting my head, thinking I may pass out – but before long it went away. I was left feeling exhausted and with a slight ache in my neck, but the worst only lasted about ten minutes.

My suspicion is that this is related to the Labetalol, the blood pressure medication, which I started yesterday. However, I had a similar episode once before. The first one was a few weeks ago, in the checkout line at the grocery store. It was nearly the same progression of symptoms, but also included visual disturbance. I told Dr. G about it at the last appointment I had with him. He said it was a vasovagal response to the increased demands the pregnancy places on my cardiovascular system, that it was pretty common and probably not anything to worry about. The only real danger is if I do faint and, in doing so, fall and hurt myself (or crash my car, etc.). Otherwise it’s just extremely unpleasant and frightening for a few minutes, and then I can carry on with my day. Lying down with my feet up should help (though it’s tough to do at work without drawing a lot of attention).

However, if it does seem to keep recurring in connection with the new medication, I will be calling Dr. D…

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5 Responses to Having A Not So Good Day

  1. Grandpa Scott says:

    I hope you are feeling well soon. Those moments are frightful but you are young and should make it through ok. Worried about you. Are you overdoing it? Does the Dr. think it is time to start staying home?
    Hope you are feeling better soon or if not they change your med’s.
    Love always Scott and Hillary. 🙂

  2. Cara says:

    I think that once I get adjusted to the meds – quickly, I hope! – I’ll be fine. I don’t mean to make this a continual habit. I don’t think that I’m overdoing things, and definitely not after we finish up the move next week. My job is low stress and seated most of the day, the doctor said it should be completely fine for now. It’s only the distance I have to walk to and from my car and to the bathroom that’s a little bit of a pain.

  3. dumbscout says:

    That sucks! I had something very similar a few times while I was at my peak weight. (one of the things that has helped motivate me to try to actually lose weight). Hope they can get that under control, or that you can start relaxing a bit. 😦 stay safe!!! I used to joke that I was pregnant with ice cream’s triplets, but I’m sure your body is going through much worse stuff than mine did (mine was fictional after all,,,) 😉

  4. Cheryl Wilson says:

    Do you think your blood pressure will be a concern later in your pregnancy? Also concerned about swelling of your ankles as you get bigger. Guess I’m just a worried Grandma/Great Grandma.

  5. Cara says:

    High blood pressure can lead to complications including preeclampsia, which can sometimes result in earlier deliveries. So the goal of medicating it early (and probably for the rest of the pregnancy) is to curb those risks before they develop, since I don’t yet have any other signs. Concern about preeclampsia is also why they want to do the 24-hour urine collection. So there will definitely be ongoing monitoring. I am definitely feeling better after the first day on the meds, though, and if you caught in yesterday’s post, my BP did drop by 30 points after 2 days.

    In the scheme of things I’m not that worried about swelling, just as long as it’s not an indicator of a bigger problem. Also I rather expect to spend a lot of time off my feet as time goes on..

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