Important Decision

The diaper bag. It may be the baby(ies) accessory that gives mom the best opportunity to express herself. So mine needs to be funky. And with three, I need a generously sized bag. And me being me, I like my bags with pockets and features and stuff. I have pretty much decided I’m splurging on the Ju Ju Be “Be Prepared” bag, which is adorable and gets good reviews from multiples moms.

But I can’t make up my mind which pattern I like best.

"Shadow Waltz"

"Pretty Tweet"

Gahhh. If only the birdies were pink instead of yellow, this would be a much easier choice. What does the blog support network think?

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6 Responses to Important Decision

  1. Cheryl Wilson says:

    I like the shadow waltz one because it has hot pink on it and also it is a dark color and wouldn’t show soil like the light colored one would.

    • dumbscout says:

      Yeah. If the white one had purple birds and flowers it would rock! But I like the contrasting interior of the darker one too. (don’t tell anyone I said that). so I’d say go for the darker one, so you won’t be hesitant to put it on the floor.

  2. Darin says:

    Black is the new black. It gets my vote.

  3. Lynn Key says:

    Shadow waltz…since it will probably double as a purse it will match better with your clothes and the dark color will hide the dirt better. Besides I LOVE THE PINK!! Ha! Ha!

  4. Zoe says:

    Pink! Because it’s pink and also because the inevitable stains will not show up as much.

  5. Cara says:

    Seems to be unanimous in favor of the Shadow Waltz! But, I think actually the purchase will go on hold for a couple weeks, we are buying our stroller frame right now instead, and it’s pretty pricey – so I’ll be waiting until the next paycheck for the fancy bag.

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