First Major Purchase

We ordered our stroller. We decided on the Triple Decker stroller frame and chose the model fitted for three Graco SnugRide 30 car seats. Here’s what it looks like, except I think those are the Evenflo car seats instead in the photo.

It is pretty straightforward, not loaded with fancy features and not very flashy looks. But it is lightweight, it is narrow for maneuvering and is supposed to fit into elevators and handicapped public restroom stalls, and it folds easily for putting it into the car or for storage.

There aren’t very many options out there if you’re looking for a triplet stroller for infants, especially if you want one that works with car seats. Which seems to me to be the most convenient way to go – no waking sleeping babies, plus the car seat base stays in the car.

Peg Perego‘s stroller looks quite nice. Luxurious, Italian – it’s the Maserati of strollers. But it comes with the Maserati price tag and, honestly, I’ve read quite a few stories from customers who had some grand mishap with it. So Triple Decker it is.

We went ahead and placed the order because it takes about 4 weeks to be delivered and we would really like to have the stroller before we purchase the vehicle it has to fit into. Haven’t bought the car seats yet. They are kind of gender specific so we’re holding off for now, but now we do know which model we’re getting so it’s just a matter of deciding on fabrics and such. There’s so much gear in this category, of “I’m not even shopping for X until I know what color(s) we need.” That registry is going to explode once we find out!

On that note: Ultrasound appointment tomorrow afternoon. Checking on the placentas again. Fingers are crossed that we’ll be able to see the goods. Will keep you all updated.

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