Babies’ First Shopping Spree

First off, yes, it’s belly photo day. No, I don’t have a belly photo. Brendon spent the weekend out of town. He was doing a LeMons race – after all, he won’t get a lot of opportunities for selfishly fun weekends for the next couple years. And I don’t have any friends locally that I would feel comfortable calling and asking to come over to take a picture of my belly. We haven’t lived here that long, you know? He gets home in another couple of hours, but I plan to be asleep by then.

To tide you over until I do have a belly photo, I thought I’d share some other amusing pictures. Following our appointment on Wednesday, Brendon and I did a bit of shopping. Not only had we just found out what genders we were buying for, but we were already in Providence, and they have stores that we don’t have in Newport. Not fancy, exotic stores either. I’m talking Babies ‘R Us and Target. (Newport is pretty limited when it comes to that sort of thing.) We had bought a few items here and there earlier, too.

Calvin Klein set, with motorcycles!

If you happen to feel like buying baby things for us, thank you very much!! I hope you don’t mind if I share a few thoughts on gifts we would particularly appreciate? One, if you find anything cute with race cars, or planes or motorcycles (as above) or other transportation type characters, that’s one of the themes we’re going for.

Also, there was a whole line of ‘rocker’ stuff at one store, and it was awesome.

Rock 'n roll for our boys!

Rock 'n roll for our daughter, too!

Rock 'n roll at dinner time!

It’s fun being able to buy whatever clothes we think are cute, regardless of which gender they are aimed at. And while I do NOT plan on dressing the triplets in matching outfits, well, ever (apologies if you find that really precious) – I am entertained by the thought of occasionally dressing them similarly. As in, today you can all wear the skull outfits. Some other time you can all wear superhero ones.

I am also a complete sucker for adorable animal onesies.



The koalas are my absolute favorite thing yet. In fact, same as for the race car stuff, if you find anything with marsupials – koalas or kangaroos – send it! I think it’s a little too specific to be a “theme” but they make me giggle. (I also like hippos and giraffes and some elephants, but elephants seem to be done A LOT with varying degrees of success.) The two above were from Old Navy, whose baby stuff I have so far found to be the very most adorable, and they each came as a set with wardrobe ‘fillers.’ Most of these are neutral colors, too; that means I can either put them on whichever infant they currently fits best, or whichever one just threw up on itself and needs changing.

Solids & stripes.

Sometimes things are just too perfect to pass up:

"Daddy's Tough Guy"

It has our dog on it!! (Please don’t say it’s really supposed to be a Boston Terrier and not a Frenchie. Just shhhh.) Mostly I don’t really love the clothes that say “Daddy’s little this” and “Mommy’s precious that” and “Auntie’s special whatever.” But we made an exception in this case. The general rule for gifts along these lines: unless the items are substantially awesome otherwise, only if you ARE Grandma, are you permitted to buy things that say “Grandma’s yada yada.” Is that fair? Because mostly, those things tend to be just silly.

Also in the category of too perfect to pass up:


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One Response to Babies’ First Shopping Spree

  1. Zoe says:

    I agree. If I had multiples I would not dress them in the same things either :). Let’s face it, they are individual babies after all 🙂

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