Hospital, Day 2

There isn’t much to report, but I know lots of people are concerned so an update is in order.

Basically, nothing really changed between yesterday and today. I had an ultrasound just to check the heartbeats, and all three were fine. I also had a blood test that was fine, and my temperature and blood pressure were checked multiple times and those were also fine. (My BP was actually downright normal, so yay for medication and resting.) The fluid leak hasn’t stopped but it’s slowed down, with no distressing color or other changes. I still am not having contractions or cramps or any other real pain. The doctors said this morning that if I remained stable, they expect to release me home tomorrow.

On the whole, the staff wasn’t quite as attentive today as yesterday. It seemed like they only did my vitals half as many times, we had to eventually ask about the blood test results because nobody mentioned them, and the nurses didn’t necessarily come in within the first 15 minutes of a new shift despite yesterday’s precedent – that sort of thing. The annoying part was waiting for the ultrasound. It was really the most significant procedure of the whole day, and I was expecting the doctor I saw all day yesterday and first thing this morning to do it sometime after breakfast, but instead, some intern or something finally came in to do it at 4pm. He was the first person here who was genuinely lousy. Didn’t introduce himself or ask how I was feeling; he muttered the heart rates as he found them, and then when he had gotten all three, I said “So they all look fine for now?” and he replied something like “Well, they probably told you, since Baby A doesn’t have any fluid he probably isn’t going to make it.” Ok, thanks, Mr. Sensitive. We understand that. We just barely heard the numbers you said, and we don’t really have a lot of context for this. So as I said, that was unpleasant – but if that’s the days biggest complaint, then ultimately it was a far better day than yesterday. And outside of Mr. Sensitive, I am not particularly upset about a little less attention from the nursing staff when there was honestly not that much to trouble them about.

Generally the hospital is pretty boring and I’m mostly just sitting/laying around with my laptop, the television, and some knitting. A few high points:

  • They retaped my IV and it is now much more comfortable and less in the way. I also learned that I can take a shower with a diaper around the IV, so my hair is not totally nasty.
  • I changed scenery a little and sat on the couch instead of the bed, and Brendon and I stared out the window for a while. It’s been grey outside, but we can see a little bit of water from the room.
  • I got pretty pretty flowers from my parents.

Maybe the best thing of the day was that Brendon went in to work and explained everything, and they told him he could go do what he needs to do. He was here before lunch time. We’re fortunate about the spot he’s in now, and I am wondering a lot about how much this accommodating attitude will change when he’s supposed to start his Department Head course in a month. We’ll see what happens.

As far as my job, I had discussed the possibility with my boss when I first started of having to suddenly stop working with no real notice. So I think they are disappointed that it happened so soon, only a little more than a month after I started the job – but there was no resistance and plenty of well wishes. I am going to try to keep up the couple hours a day of telework for the library in Monterey. There’s no conflict there with bed rest since everything is laptop-based and not stressful.

Sorry to not have any more exciting news to post, but I think right now boring is probably for the best!

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One Response to Hospital, Day 2

  1. Linda says:

    That’s a good report! And I look forward to Mr. Sensitive being proven wrong.

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