Hospital, Day 3

Well, I’m still at the hospital for another night. That was determined pretty early this morning based on one small concern, and then throughout the day there have been a couple other small concerns that each were probably enough to have kept me here. No reason to panic, just – there are some things we’re watching.

First, I’ve been having occasional pressure-like discomforts around where Baby A is located, and this increased overnight last night. It’s especially noticeable when I’m fully reclined and roll from one side to the other, or when I stand up after peeing (so, affected by change in bladder size). I have felt it at other, random times as well. My thought is that I might be feeling Baby A himself without the cushion of his fluid, or it could be ligament pain caused by changes in my uterus’s size, or it could possibly be a warning of infection. That last possibility is the reason they decided not to release me today. It hasn’t gotten any worse throughout today, so we’ll see if there are problems tonight.

(Possible TMI here:) Around early afternoon, I started noticing traces of slight green among the fluid discharge. The nurse said it could actually be old blood, since pink has been present on and off. However, it could also be pus  – not that I need to be told that green mucus is never a good sign when you’re worried about infection, and is definitely a reason for further monitoring.

The final small red flag for infection is that one of the times my temperature was taken, around 8 pm, it was 99.1. I had been feeling like the room was very warm around that same time, even though other people found it comfortable. The nighttime nurse took it again just a few minutes ago and it was back to 98.6, but we’ll watch for any more “spikes.”

Nothing here is a big deal on its own. If we weren’t being overly vigilant about infection, none of these things would be particularly alarming at all, really. However, the combination of the three could be worrisome. Definitely worth mentioning, though, as a bit of encouragement, is that this morning’s blood work showed nothing out of the ordinary, specifically no increase in white blood cells.

Also worth mentioning: They disconnected my IV today. I still have the tube in my hand, it’s just separated from the machine at the first little node, and I have a lot more freedom to move around and it is much less annoying. Plus, I have an actual t-shirt on right now instead of a hospital gown! I had been having some issues with swelling in my hand, and it was maybe due to the IV. It was bad enough that they had to cut my ID bracelet off and give me a new one, on the other wrist. So the MFM attending felt confident enough that I was getting sufficient fluids through drinking water, she said we could stop the IV unless/until a real need for it develops.

Update on the babies: A nurse tried to get the heartbeats with the doppler this morning, but she was only sure she had heard two of them. It seemed to be B and C. We got to see in action why they haven’t been using that machine in the first place. So, yesterday’s Mr. Sensitive did another ultrasound for us this afternoon. He was still not great, but a lot better than before. He appears to be one of the MFM residents and not an intern or tech – just a really amateurish one who needs to develop his patient care skills. Anyway, he did find three heartbeats and they are still okay, but he said there really doesn’t look like much fluid at all around Baby A. It isn’t showing any sign of replenishing yet. He’s looking very constricted, and without the fluid to transmit the signal, it’s a lot harder to get a clear picture of him.

I can’t say whether they’ll let me go home tomorrow. The doctors did say, though, that when I’m released they expect it will not the most restrictive level of bed rest. I will probably be allowed to move around the house, they just don’t want me “loading any trucks.” Provided I do get home, that makes me feel a little better about the next several weeks.

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2 Responses to Hospital, Day 3

  1. Cheryl Wilson says:

    Cara, Thanks for the update. I was really worried when there wasn’t any news today. I will check in the morning and all during the day tomorrow to see how you are. Still praying that God will fix the problem for Baby A. Have a good night!

  2. Linda says:

    Happy to hear they found all three heartbeats, and that you are keeping those babies well hydrated. Just keep replenishing Baby A’s swimming pool, even if it has sprung a litle leak, and we’ll keep praying.

    I bet you’ll be glad to be home in your own little nest (and a much improved nest now, at that). Just remember to take it really easy and get lots of super nourishment!

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