Checkup with Dr. G

I am going to write a post about our trip to St. Lucia, and some of the emotions that accompanied us there. But, that takes some compositional effort, and the following general medical update I wanted to get down before I forgot anything. Not that there’s very much to forget.

This afternoon I went for a 2 week postpartum check up with Dr. G, the local OB. I am done with the MFM and the hospital clinic and all of Providence, I guess. Anyhow, the check up was short and sweet and there seems to be no reason for concern.

The doctor did a quick exam, and things look and feel like they have just about returned to normal. I have no indications of lasting infection. I gave a brief report of my physical state, which is: no abdominal pain since the first couple of days; some ongoing light bleeding, but nothing unusual about that; and the milk issue is all but resolved. All of the pregnancy discomforts disappeared instantaneously after the delivery. My blood pressure was fine today, too. I am still taking the blood pressure medication, and Dr. G said to continue taking it until about 2 months postpartum. I scheduled another follow up in 6 more weeks, at which point we’ll check my blood pressure one more time and discuss continuing Labetalol or not, and we’ll check my blood sugar and discuss going back on Metformin or not for the PCOS.

Good news all around, then. Things are getting back to normal.

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