Today was my first day back at work after my leave of absence. I am really fortunate that – even though when I started the new job it was with the understanding that it would be temporary – they are letting me stay on and keep up the same schedule I’d established. At least for the fiscal year, and hopefully through the rest of the calendar year as well, until we move again to a new duty station around December. So, as of today, I am back to working at the War College library for six hours a day, and teleworking for my old library in California for two hours in the afternoon.

Things at work are the same and yet not. I can now walk from the parking garage to my desk, or climb up to the third floor bathroom, without feeling winded at all. (Also, I don’t have to make that bathroom trip quite as often now.) The weather changed significantly in the last month, such that today was the first day I didn’t have my wool coat to hang on the coat rack (yes, I wore it up until mid-April…). Yet, the projects I’d been in the middle of were still sitting undisturbed on my desk, and I picked up with the very next line on my spreadsheet.

If you happen to be a coworker reading, thank you for not asking me awkward personal questions, and keeping things professional. I appreciate your sensitivity.

Today’s return to work was a big step toward reestablishing normal. But because the routine around here is always changing: Brendon left yesterday for a two week Navy training course in Virginia, and when he gets back he starts Department Head School. No more generous, low-stress work schedule for him. That also means two weeks home alone for me. It was kind of the impetus for picking today as my return date at my job. I’ve got a few projects around the house to keep myself distracted, too. Things should be okay.

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