Ultrasound Appointment No. 4

Yesterday I went to my fourth appointment at the Japanese “Byouin.” Once again, we got a take-home copy of the ultrasound video to keep and share. The baby was sleeping for most of the scan, so it isn’t moving around as much as in the last video. In the “4D” part, around 3:25, you can see the hands suddenly go up by the face – that’s because the sonographer started jabbing my belly with her finger, trying to wake the baby up. But it just goes to sleep again after a second.

And the gender verdict is…….? Girl? … Probably? The sonographer told us it “seems like girl… but not clear.” And the doctor, Dr. A (who I only saw after the ultrasound was finished), said that it’s harder to be certain with girls (obviously), but implied that she herself would try to confirm at the next appointment. Which will be at the end of September, at 24 weeks. So we’re going with girl for now, but I’m not ready to go spending a bunch of money on Team Pink uniforms, if you know what I mean.

There was a lot more to the ultrasound before they started recording the video. I know it’s standard in the U.S. to do a detailed anatomy scan between 18-22 weeks, and apparently that’s the case in Japan as well. So it was really quite a long ultrasound session, as the sonographer measured the width of the heart valves and all kinds of things. Since nobody said there was a problem, I’m assuming all the measurements were great.

In addition to the ultrasound, the appointment yesterday felt a lot like it was an initial prenatal checkup. I guess that makes sense, as my primary care has just been transferred from the Navy clinic to the Byouin, and I don’t expect that a lot of the information actually gets shared from one to the other. So yesterday I had blood drawn and a pelvic swab, got my belly measured and my cervix checked, and even had a heart test. I’m not sure if the heart test is standard or if they are being cautious because of my blood pressure. I will say that on the second reading, my BP was 122/60, which is a completely fine number. The first time, the reading was higher, but what’s up with putting the blood pressure machine in the middle of a busy hallway, anyway? Sheesh. Dr. A said to keep taking the meds, and we’ll talk about all the test results next time.

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