Ultrasound Appointment No. 5

This week I went back to the byouin for my 24 week visit. Dr. A herself did do the ultrasound, rather than the tech, as she suggested that she would at the last appointment. She was much better about sharing information as she went along than the sonographer generally is, though there wasn’t particularly that much information to share. But she at least told me what she was doing – measuring the biparietal (skull) diameter, abdominal circumference, femur length, amount of amniotic fluid; pointing out the placenta and body parts and position. She kept repeating that everything looked normal – hooray!

And, we finally got the confirmation – Azuki Bean is, indeed, a little lady. Here’s the angle that proves it (you’re looking at her legs and bottom).

Taking a look at all the numbers in the bottom corner of the screen, you’ll see the “AC” (abdominal circumference) and “FL” (femur length) measurements both say 25w5d, or a week and a half ahead of schedule. Referencing the internet (or at least one page thereon), the numbers actually seem to match pretty closely with her assumed gestational age (24w2d). Maybe it’s a difference between Caucasian and Japanese babies? Again, Dr. A called it all normal, so just an observation here. Here’s the ultrasound video in its entirety:

Including ultrasound time, the actual doctor visit was really quick. I mean, I’m still pretty much problem-free, so there’s no reason it should take much time. My blood pressure was behaving itself at 130/70 (even by the busy-hallway-machine’s reading!), and all the blood tests from last time came back fine. There was quite a while spent in the waiting room, though, as I got treated to a fizzy sugar beverage and then had to wait an hour for a blood draw to check my glucose tolerance, to screen for gestational diabetes. I figure I’ll get the results from that next time.

Now I’ll start going in every two weeks instead of every four. I don’t know if I’ll keep getting ultrasounds each time, but the byouin seems to treat them as routine and no big deal, so hopefully I do! I certainly enjoy getting to see her every time.

Finally, here’s my profile at 24 weeks:

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