Ultrasound Appointment #6, Belated

I don’t know where my days and hours have been disappearing to – well, mostly work I guess, plus an awesome few to my dad’s short visit in Sasebo – but, I visited the byouin for my 26 week checkup and then never posted about it. However, I’m backdating the publication date for this post to make myself not look so lazy. Haha! Take that, Internet!

(If I can’t manage to keep up with blogging now, how am I ever going to manage once I have an actual infant to distract me? Well, nevermind.)

In fact, I barely remember what happened at the appointment, with it being so long ago and not particularly eventful. Fortunately I did send a quick email afterward to our mothers, to which I will refer to jog my memory now:

The doc says “Baby’s condition is good.” Still a girl, still ahead of schedule on abdominal circumference [and femur length] measurement , 2.3 lbs. … The gestational diabetes test was negative, totally normal result [97 mg/dL], and my blood pressure today was fine too [129/69]. So all continues to be well.

About the ahead of schedule measurements? I am sticking to my claim that those are according to Japanese standards, because comparing to American websites she continues to be right on track. Once again, they made us a video of the ultrasound – it has some nice 4D images of the face toward the end, and a cute bit around 2:28 where it looks like she’s chewing (more likely practicing sucking).

And, here is my profile at 26 weeks:

Finally, because I’ve been asked a few times, yes we do have a registry through Amazon. (Also a new link over on the sidebar.) Don’t feel obligated, of course!!! Note that I also will gratefully accept donations of soft & washable yarn – the stuff I’ve been able to find in Sasebo is even worse (make that FAR worse) than the stuff from Michael’s…

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