Ultrasound Appointment #7 … and Welcome to the Third Trimester!

It’s a major milestone: the third trimester! Less than twelve weeks now to the due date! Here’s how things look entering the home stretch:

This week I went to two – TWO! – doctor’s appointments. See, I had my regular biweekly one with the Japanese doctor on Wednesday. Everything was quick and easy yet again. She’s up to an estimated 2.8 pounds. They were about to send me on my way, but then I had to bring up the RhoGAM shot. You see, my blood type is Rh negative, and B’s is Rh positive; that means that if the baby inherited his blood type and then something were to happen where any small amount of her blood got mixed in with mine, my blood can make antibodies against her blood. This would be a Bad Situation. In any pregnancy but the first (at least in the States), an Rh negative mom generally receives a RhoGAM shot at 28 weeks to prevent any antibodies from forming. Here I am at 28 weeks, expecting things in Japan in this case to be just like they would in the US, but they are sending me home with no shot. So I asked. This started a heated discussion in Japanese between the doctor and nurse, and then the doctor called the translator’s office at the base clinic and talked in a hurry to them in Japanese for a little bit. From what I ascertained, while the byouin did realize that I am Rh negative, they thought the Navy clinic would give me the shot; the clinic, however, “does not deal with blood products.” So they ordered a shot of RhoGAM for me for a bonus appointment next week (they didn’t have any on hand), and drew my blood for a “Coombs test” to make sure I’m not already producing the evil antibodies. If it happens to come back positive, then according to the doctor: “Very bad. Have to go to [actual hospital].” So…. we’re assuming it’s going to be negative and everything is just fine. Anyway, here’s this week’s video!


The other doctor’s appointment was at the base clinic on Thursday. Way back when I was prescribed the blood pressure medication, they did not authorize enough refills to last, well, past this week. I guess normally it could have been handled over the phone – except that the doctor who prescribed it has left Sasebo. The pregnant patients were all handed to a new doctor, who wanted to meet with me quickly before authorizing the refills. Basically we talked for 10 minutes, she checked my vitals, measured my belly, and listened to the baby’s heartbeat. The pharmacy even filled the Rx promptly, and I got through a whole trip to the clinic without getting pissed off. Hooray!

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