Thirty Weeks, & Ultrasound Number… What? Eight?

Lots to tell you about since the last update! So let’s get right into it.

Rhogam! First off, following up on my last post, the Coombs blood test was negative – good news! So I got the Rhogam shot, and thus my blood will continue to *not* attack the baby’s blood.

Shopping! We drove up to Fukuoka (a large city about two hours [and literally almost $100 in tolls] away) this past Saturday so that we could hit some familiar stores – IKEA and Babies ‘R Us. It was a successful excursion since we came home with the one piece of furniture we’ve been hunting without any luck around Sasebo. Here’s our new changing table + baby clothes storage:

As you can see, we got to flex our artistic muscles a little. The bins started out plain white, made AWESOME by the clever addition of some peel & stick decals. I picked the flowers, and B the Invaders. We had a lot of fun with the project. Then B had a lot less fun Sunday afternoon, moving a large bookcase and putting together this little corner here. All while I was out of the house. What a good daddy.

Japanese Babies ‘R Us was far less fun than IKEA (or even US Babies ‘R US), but it was in a mall that had some really cool babies’ & kids’ clothing stores. We got some silly stuff that I haven’t yet photographed, but I will try to throw some photos up here soon.

Also on the subject of shopping / accumulating baby gear, we ordered our car seat and stroller, which arrived yesterday! More fun times, opening and playing with new contraptions. Just like Christmas. I didn’t take any pics of those either, but we settled on the bright red Britax B-Safe and B-Agile combo if you really care.

Ultrasound! The trip to the doctor this morning took forEVer, but I believe some other pregnant lady was having a medical emergency that my doctor was involved in, so… I guess I’ll let it slide. I wound up getting the ultrasound done by the tech who did some of the early ones instead of the doctor, so much less information was passed along to me as far as measurements and whatnot. I do know her weight estimate is up to 3.75 lbs. So she’s definitely putting on weight, which of course is her primary job in these last several weeks. On a less positive note, Dr. A says my blood pressure has been just a bit too high the last couple of appointments, so she’s sending me back to the base clinic to get my BP medication dosage increased. Hmph. I certainly want to avoid preeclampsia, so I’ll be heading over there tomorrow morning. Okay, gloom and doom moment over – here’s some adorable fetus footage!

Week 30! Alright, here’s my bare belly with its 3.75 lbs of baby (and, well, about 20 more of “other stuff”), at 30 weeks. Note the lovely red stripe where the elastic from my pants was resting.

Less than ten weeks to go – WHOA. I have been feeling it more and more as the days go by. Increasing aches and pains lately in my back, hips, and feet; trouble getting and staying comfortable; and I am feeling compressed in my stomach and lungs. I can’t eat as much in a sitting as I did a few short weeks ago, and I feel like I can’t get a good, satisfying deep inhale. There isn’t really anything unexpected or debilitating (although climbing stairs is starting to really suck), but between my general complainyness and then B’s string of 14-hour-and-up workdays lately, we haven’t been particularly fun company. However, it does make moments like decorating those bins and playing with the stroller that much better, in a way. I’m also still completely amused and amazed by all the punches and kicks and squirms going on all the time. So keep growing, little girl! Meanwhile I’ll try my best to keep the griping to a minimum, though I make no promises not to groan whenever I stand up…

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  1. Cheryl says:

    Loving’ the entire post…..everything in it is fantastic. Love ya, Mom

    Cheryl McBain iPad.

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