Ultrasound Appointment #10, and 34 Weeks

Another appointment at the byouin, and all is still well! Baby Azuki’s measurements are sticking to the trend, and she’s estimated at a generous 5.6 lbs now. The doctor said today that she’s “big enough to come out” – though we are certainly in no rush. She’s properly oriented, my cervix is nice and closed, and there’s still a normal amount of amniotic fluid. Dr. A still hasn’t brought up any concerns outside of my blood pressure, and that was fine today too. (Ok, truthfully, with the BP machine it was a touch high, but they took it manually right after that and it was 10 points lower and, as I said, fine. I don’t trust this machine and its quirkiness.) Knock on wood, but I really couldn’t ask for an easier pregnancy.

This appointment did come with another video, including some 4D this time – brief, but a pretty good image of her little face.

Meanwhile, Azuki’s pile of possessions is steadily growing as we get closer to ‘ready.’ Between a steady stream of internet purchases and some awesome clothing contributions from family members (thank you!!), we’re not too far from that point. I set up the Pack ‘N Play today, and I’ve done quite a bit of baby laundry in the last couple of weeks. (If she gives us all a birthday surprise and turns out to be a boy, I’m going to have a lot of unreturnable pink onesies on my hands…) I think we’re pretty well set for clothes in sizes from zero to six months – and in what I’m sure is considered nesting, I rather enjoyed the Big Sort.

Pile of pink

Pile of pink

I’m mostly feeling good. Achy and stiff and all that, sure; but I have passed the 30-lb-gain mark, and that’s gotta come with some discomforts. Including, lately, my rib cage when I’m sitting unless I can get situated juuuust right. And I feel like cursing a little whenever I drop something on the floor and no one else is around to pick it up. Mostly, though, good. Here’s the obligatory belly shot – I had to take it myself since B is gone with his ship at the moment. (Don’t worry, he’ll be back soon.)

34 weeks

34 weeks

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