Happy New Year from Azuki Bean

Happy new year to everybody. Here’s to new and amazing things. I didn’t get any champagne this year, so I’ll have to toast you with my glass of sparkling juice beverage.

Bubbles! Tastes better than champagne, anyway.

(And here’s to my easiest year ever for keeping a weight loss resolution.)

Last week’s appointment was again almost entirely uneventful. There was 30 minutes of fetal monitoring and yet another ultrasound, and baby still looks great! So I was caught off guard when my doctor told me that the byouin’s chief doctor wants to send me to Sogo Hospital to deliver. I guess she was reviewing cases with him, since he’s the boss, and he thinks my blood pressure makes me high-risk enough to be sent to the big general hospital instead of staying at their byouin, which is a small specialized obstetrical clinic and birthing center. Now, I would certainly deliver at the big hospital if it’s medically necessary, but as far as I know nothing has changed to make it medically necessary. My blood pressure has actually been pretty darn good for the last several appointments. For now, my doctor has convinced the boss to let me stay as planned, as long as my BP readings don’t creep up in the next, well, however many weeks/appointments I get before I go into labor.

Here’s the appointment’s ultrasound video. If you’re watching the numbers, it’s funny how all the measurements put the gestational age as “OOR,” which I assume means out of range, as Japanese fetuses go; when I enter the numbers in my trusty American website, she appears to be around the 48th percentile. It doesn’t get much more average than that. The byouin’s formula says she’s 7.1 lbs, while the American webiste’s formula says 6.8.

As much as everything has gone and continues to go super smoothly, there are a growing number of little pregnancy quirks that I am really ready to have finished. And I’m not referring to the lack of alcohol (though a beer would taste awesome right now), but to all the aches and pains and annoyances (I snore now!) caused by a combination of gaining close to forty pounds and being flooded with the hormones currently prepping my body for the upcoming event. Essentially, I still feel huge. And next week, I will feel even more huge, and I’ll look back on this week and wish I’d known how good I had it.

38 weeks

38 weeks

"That's no moon"

“That’s no moon” – it’s a seven pound fetus!

Meanwhile, it’s hard to say if the compelling drive to clean my house from top to bottom is because of a) genuine nesting instinct; b) subconscious acknowledgement of societal pressure to engage in nesting-type behavior; or c) the realization that my house is filthy and I’ve got loads more time for cleaning it now than I will once baby is here. The point is, today I scrubbed every inch of the “shower room” (because Japanese houses have a different approach to the whole bathroom setup), and then after that we walked a few blocks to have lunch… and then after that I never wanted to move again. So I guess I will be pacing myself in my cleaning and organizing projects.

I’m knitting my way through a generous pile of baby yarn, which takes up considerably less energy than cleaning. Both of us have been thumbing through the baby books. And just about all the stuff I ordered from Amazon and other places has arrived, so I guess we’re “ready.” Ha.

Practice baby. For display purposes only.

Practice baby.

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