Nope, *Still* No Baby Yet

I am still at home, and there is still no baby to report. Actually, as of right now / thus far today, the contractions have tapered somewhat. Every so often I’m still feeling one, but mostly either they are so mild that I don’t notice, or they aren’t happening at all anymore. There’s one or two other indications that the internal workings are getting prepped, but they are definitely “TMI” type things that don’t need to be shared on the internet.

I did go in to see the doctor this morning, per previously scheduled appointment. They plugged us in to the fetal monitors again, and baby’s heart rate was still averaging just slightly above where it’s supposed to be, like it was on Friday. By “slightly” I mean, like, 5-10 beats per minute fast. The doctor mentioned that it’s a little high, but she didn’t suggest why that might be or what we ought to do about it or otherwise seem very concerned. My BP was a little elevated the first time they took it, and then normal for me the second time, and then just plain normal the third time. And… that’s about all that happened. Well, sure, I gave a urine sample and got weighed and had my ankles felt for swelling, and I described my nonpainful irregular contractions. However, there was no ultrasound (for the first time! out of all the times I’ve been there!). More surprisingly, she didn’t check my cervical condition.

I suppose that means that the weekend’s contractions aren’t to be taken very seriously.

We made a new appointment to do another regular checkup Friday, which seems to support that theory. I take it to mean that the doctor has no immediate concerns, and that there is some likelihood that it will still be greater than four days before Azuki Bean will make her debut. Which is totally fine. The contractions – when I feel them – are really pretty unintrusive, and anyhow we’re just at 39 weeks today. Honestly, she is not genetically disposed to being early.

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