Due Date

Today is Azuki Bean’s due date – and yep, I’m still pregnant!

You would have heard about it otherwise. The frequent updates from a week ago tapered partly because I’ve been having some tech problems… but I indulged myself yesterday with a new laptop (after all, I’ll need to manage all the baby photos somehow), so all is well again in that regard. If there had been anything to share, I would have tapped out something from my phone if it came to that. I just haven’t particularly had any changes to report. I feel slightly silly, a week and a half after going “This is it!” and still no baby.

The contractions are still happening, but they continue to be very irregular, mostly infrequent, and not painful.  The baby has definitely dropped, another good sign. So no more heartburn and my ribs are feeling much less abused, but in exchange I’m now having hip trouble. Blah. Oh, and in other news, my mom made it here safe and sound for her crash course in grandmothering.

Friday’s doctor’s appointment was uneventful. The monitoring went well; her heart rate was great and my BP was okay. She’s estimated at 7.8 lbs. Assuming nothing exciting on the agenda tonight, I’ll visit the byouin again tomorrow morning, and I’ll let you all know how that goes.

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