And the result of this morning’s appointment is…. drumroll…. appointment at 8:30 tomorrow morning for labor induction!

Ultimately that’s not how I hoped it would go down, but, it is what it is. I am not entirely sure whether or not an induction would have been the outcome no matter how today’s appointment had gone. Not that it went badly – BUT – the blood pressure machine gave a super high misreading (and immediately after, I got a perfectly okay reading, so yes it was totally wrong!) and the paranoid part of my brain is blaming that one machine error for the induction.

The logic part of my brain, though, says it’s more likely when she said we should induce because of my high blood pressure, she meant it in the chronic sense and not in the today’s-crazy-reading sense. The tendency of the Japanese doctor to not really let me know what to expect beyond what time to show up for the next appointment has been frustrating all along. As does the ambiguity left by the language barrier, and not being able to get nor give good explanations for things. She told us that under normal circumstances they’ll induce after 41 weeks, but my high blood pressure makes it risky to go past my due date. Which, as we’ve established, was yesterday.

So I can be irritated at Japan for my confusion and insecurity right now, but the fact is (according to the Navy doc I saw a few weeks ago), in the states they likely would have induced me a week ago.

Plus, I do realize it’s silly to be irritated in the first place, because hey! Our baby is almost here!

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