Bundle of Awesome


I would like to present Vivian Aurelia. She was born 16 January 2013 at 1450 Japanese Time. She weighed in at a whopping 8 Lbs 11 oz., at 20.5 inches overall. She is a beautiful thing with blonde hair, and looks like a good healthy mix of the two of our genes.


I will let Cara write later about the whole birth process, as she is far more eloquent than I am. Though I will say that it was a pretty smooth process with great support from the nursing staff.


We got to spend a few hours with Vivian, mostly C’s mom and I, as C was doing all of the medical stuff post birth. She had a few feedings and was already establishing herself as easy to please, easy to quiet down, and rather mild mannered.


But then we got some bad news. Cara’s and Vivian’s blood types are incompatible. I am Rh+ and Cara is Rh-, and Vivian inherited my blood type. This, if not properly treated (and sometimes even if it is), can lead to the mother forming antibodies against the baby’s blood. This isn’t really that abnormal, but the levels of antibodies found in Vivian’s blood were abnormally high. The high antibody count led to anemia and a high level of jaundice. She didn’t have the typical yellow complexion for a jaundiced baby, but they assure me she is.

At 1900 they loaded her in an ambulance and took her across town to the big hospital. The byouin isn’t able to deal with the level of care she needed. She was admitted to the NICU and given a battery of tests. The result of that is that the doctors will be monitoring her, and possibly, if absolutely required, giving her a blood transfusion. They will be keeping her as long as there is still high number of antibodies, she is anemic, and jaundiced. I am not sure the time factor involved, but it will likely be more than a few days.


Cara is still at the byouin recovering from the birth, and we are still working out when she can be discharged. She is healthy, but having her baby taken away at 5 hours old is difficult on anyone. I am headed back there in a few, since there no facilities for family to stay the night with her, and headed to the NICU this afternoon with a translator to assist me.

We will update more as we know more. It was a late night last night, and I am typing this over coffee. More updating will likely occur over Facebook, but one of us will try and get a blog post out this evening as well. I will leave you with one last picture.


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One Response to Bundle of Awesome

  1. Congratulations, you two! She is absolutely gorgeous and I am sure in great hands. I can only imagine how much you are aching to be with her and take her home!
    Much love!

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