Good News from the NICU

After a particularly long night, we took our time getting our stuff together in the morning. The MIL and I made our way to the Byouin to see Cara, and she seemed to be doing much better this morning. Before we arrived, she had gotten word that she would be able to leave the Byouin and go with me to the NICU for a scheduled meeting with the translator and the doctor. And see Vivian! Yay!

Before we could leave, we needed to get her permission slip signed by her doctor, have some awkward and more difficult Nurse->Translator->Us->Translator->Nurse converations than were really necessary, and Cara needed some lunch. Mama needs those calories to pass on.

A quick drive across town in the most comfortable seat Cara has sat upon in 2 days and we were at the NICU. We were able to go in pretty quickly, and while we were washing our hands for the first of many times, we met our new translator. Unlike last night, this one was a nurse so she could help us if there were any real questions. Fortunately the doctor, who was also there for Viv’s admission last night, speaks enough English that only a little bit of translation was required (typically when I got on a bit of a rant about the two hospital’s inability to coordinate on their own).

At the conclusion of the business portion of the visit we got to what was important, having some quality time with our daughter. They brought her out of the incubator, and C was able to feed her for the first time since yesterday afternoon. She was on an IV, so she wasn’t without nourishment, but mother’s milk is always better. After she ate a good lunch we got to proceed to cuddle time, my favorite time since I can’t exactly feed her right now. All told, we had about an hour and a half with her, including celebrating her 1 day old milestone. It was awesome, and I can’t wait to have that much more time with her.


So now for that good news I promised in the lede: Everything seems to be going very well. Her numbers are all getting better, or steady in places where it is expected. If they all stay good through tonight, we should be able to pick her up and bring her back to the Byouin with mom tomorrow afternoon. From then on, she will be able to stay in the room with Cara except for trips to the photo therapy incubator, or to the testing she will have to undergo for the next few days to make sure her levels keep on improving.


We delivered C back to the byouin, everyone is now a bit happier than we were last night, and we all actually feel like in the coming days we may get to the position we should have been in all along. I was going to say back to normal there, but I think we all know that there is no going back to our old normal. Time to make a new normal!

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2 Responses to Good News from the NICU

  1. Aunt Linda says:

    It makes me SO HAPPY to see you so madly in love with her that you are walking 12 ft off the ground!

  2. Will says:

    i love it. wish i could be there with you all. im so happy for you. she is awesome.

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