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I know the audience has been starving for an update on Vivian and her (our) adjustment to life at home. It’s astonishing how the days flow into each other and disappear, and how little I get done beyond keeping the baby fed and clean. I started typing this post on… Sunday? I think it was? And now it is Wednesday evening Thursday afternoon Friday night and I *might* get it published in this sitting. We’re starting to figure out how to integrate grown up time and baby time, but there’s still a ways to go.


Originally when I started writing the blog post, it was about what an easy baby Viv is, as pertains to her sleep:crying ratio. Then, after a couple of days where I didn’t even get a chance to turn on my computer, by the time I returned to the blog post, that story had changed somewhat. Things had gotten more frustrating. Now, a couple of days beyond that, we appear to be back to a good balance.

Basically, as long as we can keep her belly full, it’s smooth sailing. There seems to be a slight problem as far as my supply matching her demands in the food department, and thus the rougher days. At Vivian’s two week appointment at the Navy clinic on Wednesday, her weight hadn’t started rebounding and she’s still 10 oz below her birth weight – even though I’ve been feeding her on demand until I’m quite literally drained. So per the doctor’s recommendation, we’re supplementing with the artificial stuff, hopefully just short term, hopefully just until I can catch up.

This little girl has quite an appetite.


One of the big triumphs for me is how good Vivian has been on her excursions out of the house. Being a miniature American citizen born in Japan has meant quite a massive paperwork ordeal, and so far it’s taken six days of errand running to get through the first stage of this process. I’ll try to do a separate post about that whole headache in more detail, but the point for the moment is that all but one of those trips, she was perfectly quiet and sleepy. (The one exception was partly remedied by breastfeeding in the back seat of my car…) Perhaps even more happily, we’ve been able to enjoy not one but two adult meals out without incident.

Yum, curry!

Yum, curry!

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  1. Wendy says:

    Thanks for the update Cara! Sounds like situation normal for adjusting to a newborn!

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