Three Weeks Old!

Today marked Vivian’s third whole week in the world. Yay!


The big update is that, upon our return visit to the Navy doc this week, she is up to 9.0 lbs. That means basically a full pound gained in a week; Dr. T called her a porker. It also means that the formula supplementation has been doing the trick! Now, it would be great if we can start weaning her back off of it… One thing at a time. Right now, her appetite is definitely beyond what I can provide – at least at certain times of the day.


I’m really enjoying getting to know her, figuring out what makes her happy and how to fix the things that make her unhappy. At three weeks old, almost all of the major crying is about hunger. Other things that may make her fuss or cry include:

  • Having to poop. Apparently it’s uncomfortable. (Solution? Pooping.)
  • Needing her diaper changed. (Solution? Fresh diaper.)
  • Having her diaper changed. (Solution? Power through it; the crying will stop when the changing is over.)
  • Having her clothes changed. This is way worse than the diaper changing. (Solution? See above.) (B says his personal hell is an eternity of changing infants’ clothing… Putting their squirmy hands through sleeves that are a little too long and a little too narrow.)
  • The time immediately before and immediately after a bath. Some overlap with the clothes changing, coupled with the extra-cold factor. (Solution? Warm water / dry and dressed baby.)
  • Being put down/left alone, i.e. in the bassinet, swing, car seat. (Solution? Movement, or pacifier, or in extreme cases, picking her up again.)
  • Pacifier falls out of her mouth. (Solution? Mommy/Daddy/Grandma fetches pacifier. Solution part 2: work on pacifier retention skills.)

Things that Vivian likes (besides food) include:

  • Being held.
  • Being stroked, especially on her scalp or her legs.
  • Her hands, and keeping them on or near her face.
  • Pacifiers.
  • Baths.
  • Exercising: mainly kicking her feet; also, lifting her head. (She is so advanced.)
  • High contrast books and toys. Just like the literature says, she will track black and white or brightly colored objects held 1 to 2 feet from her face. Especially when those objects rattle.


She spends more and more time awake and not eating or crying. Just contentedly alert. It’s lovely. Holding Viv while she is peacefully sleeping (and watching the silly REM cycle faces) is awesome, but the happy alert times are the best.


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3 Responses to Three Weeks Old!

  1. Will McBain says:

    I’d loved reading this guys. This is wonderful. Makes me smile

  2. wtmcbain says:

    This makes me smile. I like it

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