One Month Old!

Happy one-month-birthday to little Vivi today! Hooray!

How are things going? Well! She is, of course, a genius baby. Exceeding her milestones and all that. Her visual tracking is pretty outstanding, and she is holding her head up for, like, whole minutes at a time. We are so proud. Actually, one really cool new thing she started this week is staring dumbfoundedly at her far-flung relatives’ faces during Skype calls. Well, that is, when she’s awake.

She is outgrowing her NB and 0-3M clothes already. It’s unbelievable. Okay, it’s totally believable, since at her last & final checkup at the byouin yesterday (at which everything was perfectly fine), she weighed in at 9 lb 14 oz. It makes me a little sad to already be boxing up some of the really-really-cute stuff. Don’t they just grow up so fast?

Sadly for us (though happily for my dad and the assortment of pets), my mom left Japan this evening. She’s been staying with us since a couple of days before the birth. It has been awesome having her around. Vivian’s first month has, in a lot of ways, been easier than I expected – and I think a lot of that has been because of the third pair of hands to handle everything. I was calling her the ‘Laundry Ninja,’ because somehow all of the laundry kept getting done without my ever seeing it happen. It may be a challenge figuring out our own sustainable routine; hopefully she didn’t create too great a dependency on her domestic awesomeness!

We squeezed in sightseeing and a quick photo shoot at Sasebo’s Hachiman Shrine today, before our drive down to the airport. Here’s Vivian in Japan at one month old: you can tell she was very impressed by the shrine.

Sasebo Shrine 064 editSasebo Shrine 080 editSasebo Shrine 097 edit

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