Eight Weeks Old!

For her 8-week “birthday” yesterday, Vivian gave us a gift: she slept last night for six straight hours. Amazing. We shall see if it was a fluke or the start of a wonderful new era.

(This stretch of sleep brought to you in part by the Miracle Blanket swaddler and a Joey Bunz hemp diaper insert.)

Things are going well. Viv had her two-month well-baby visit to the base clinic a few days early, and her checkup was all fine. Of course it was – the worst “illness” she’s had is a pitiful case of baby acne, and even that has improved tremendously. She weighed 11lb 11oz, which is 67th percentile. That is tracking with her earlier trend line, so we’re all good there… Meaning that in spite of wanting to eat all the time, she is in fact getting plenty of nutrition and NOT starving to death. At 24.5 inches long, she is at the 99th-plus percentile for height. If not for the klutzy non-athletic nerd genes, she might grow up to be a basketball player.

She’s knocking out all her developmental milestones like a champ. I love how much more interactive she’s getting. (Next, I need her to be more interactive with her environment and more willing to play independently, so I can set her down for 10 minutes and get dishes done! Sigh… It’ll come.) She has been smiling for weeks now, and I expect a genuine laugh could happen any day. I like to sit her on my lap propped up on my bent knees so we can make silly faces and sounds. The other night B captured one of these sessions on video.

Dear Viv: I promise to remove all evidence of you pooping from the Internet before you start dating.

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One Response to Eight Weeks Old!

  1. Zoe says:

    She is so soooo sooo cute :). Isnt it amazing how they change you in a wonderful way. I have enjoyed reading about your journey 🙂

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