Here Be Dragons

I haven’t been posting here since Vivian first showed up, but I figured it was about time I did.

My job often takes me away from my family, but this is the first time it has happened since Vivian was born, so there was some different feelings that came with it. I can talk to C on the phone or chat with her through a variety of means, but when the one you want to see is a bit weak with forming sentences, it is a bit harder to feel connected.

Luckily, I have an awesome wife who sent me pictures every day I was gone. She promised me 4 a day, but she missed her target a few times. Even so, it was nice to get in from a long day working to have a few pictures of a smiling/crying/sleeping/indifferent baby waiting for me on my computer.

I was gone 9 days, and I think she must have doubled her size in that time. Her feet are hanging out of the bottom of her swing, she looks nice and snug in her car seat, and clothes she was wearing before I left no longer fit. Oh, and her cheeks have gotten a bunch chubbier.

I didn’t expect her to really remember me, since that part of the brain hasn’t fully developed by this age, but as soon as C picked me up, I poked my head in her car seat and her face lit right up. Since then it has been nothing but smiles (well, when she isn’t tired or hungry, so I guess that just means occasionally). Additionally she has been easier to distract lately, as evidenced by her love for mobiles. I understand they they are sold for babies, and lots of baby items have built in mobiles, but I truly did not appreciate how much babies love them until now.

I now present to you, Vivian watching her dragons.

And I apologize about holding the phone vertical when recording. I hate when people do that, and I realized I was doing it when I was most of the way through shooting. Sorry.

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