Fisher Price Does, In Fact, Produce Zen

I don’t think we are anywhere near sleeping through the night, yet. Vivian is closing in on three months old, and I have heard that *some* babies are able to sleep eight hours at that age. Since I wrote, at eight weeks old, that she slept six hours straight? She’s had exactly two additional nights of sleeping that long again, and both of them were last week. They were also two of the warmest nights we have had here in Sasebo. This week it has been pretty darn cold again, and the sleeping has been pretty awful. I am hopeful that as the weather gets nicer, the sleeping will get better. The last few nights, she has been doing a lot of sleep-fussing, where she makes a considerable racket without truly waking up, and I can put a pacifier back into her mouth and buy another half hour… But that still means I have to get up.

While a full eight hour stretch is a distant dream of mine, we have been making some significant advances in the sleep department. One big one is that, starting about two weeks ago, she has a bedtime which is not the same as our bedtime. For the first couple of months, we were just letting her hang out with us for as long as we were up. Sometime in the late evening she’d fall asleep on one of our laps. Only when we were ready for bed would we begin the production of putting Vivian to bed, which a) inevitably woke her up from a pretty heavy slumber, and b) put us in bed at least a half hour later than when we’d had the thought, “Hey, we’d like to go to bed now.” Then while B was in Korea for that week, I had an epiphany about how little difference it probably made to her, once she fell asleep in the late evening, whether she was on my lap or in her bed. So now the bedtime production begins at 8:30, unless she’s very apparently sleepy before then, and it’s been better for everyone.

The other noticeable sleep-habit change has been with her daytime napping. Early on, she would frequently fall asleep just about every time she ate (as very young babies are wont to do), and she might sleep just a few minutes or she might sleep for a couple of hours. Trying to move her off of me and into her bed or swing once she fell asleep was a sure way to get her fully awake again, so if I wanted her to sleep, I’d be stuck in that spot. Just in the past week, though, she’s really been settling into a predictable napping schedule, and that means I can often get her planted into her swing before at least one of the naps. Then I get some free time! … usually, to do a chores and maybe enjoy eating something with the use of BOTH hands. I suppose maybe she’s not sleeping as well at night because she’s napping so nicely in the early afternoons. If that’s the case, it just might be worth it.

Anyway, I love that she loves her swing. There was a little while where she wanted nothing to do with it. No longer! As I type, she has been asleep for almost two hours in her Fisher Price “Zen” Collection swing, with its little chirping birds and wind chime sounds.


Every once in a while during a nap, she’ll stretch really wide, grunt once or twice, let out a fart I can hear across the room, and then keep on sleeping. Because babies are awesome.

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4 Responses to Fisher Price Does, In Fact, Produce Zen

  1. Russ says:

    Do you swaddle her? We use these Velcro swaddle blankets and it increases the amount of time Robin sleeps dramatically. She doesn’t fidget and wake herself up when swaddled up tight.

    • C says:

      I appreciate the advice, and we have swaddled her – though inconsistently, I admit. Honestly I can’t tell a huge difference any more in how well/long she sleeps with swaddling vs not. We had one of those Velcro ones, which she has outgrown; we have a thick fleece Halo combination sack/swaddler, which she tends to overheat in; and we have a Miracle Blanket that we still use regularly, but she’s getting too tall for that one now, too. Her shoulders stick out completely. I have wavered on whether I want to buy some larger size swaddlers or not… It did help for a while, but with the reflexes fading, it doesn’t seem to be the startle-arms are what wakes her up any more. Also, she hates it when we bind up her arms.. she fights so much it’s like trying to wrap up a wolverine. She’ll usually quiet down again after a few minutes in the thing, but it isn’t good for a soothing bedtime routine.

      I’m glad it’s working for Robin, though. 🙂

  2. Zoe says:

    She sounds A LOT like Ella was…. 🙂 Sleep the #1 thing parents think about with a new baby for sure 🙂

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