Daily Photos

You might notice some changes to the blog’s side bar. I snap cell phone pictures of Vivian pretty much all the time, and then do nothing with the majority of them. So my new goal is to add my favorite one from each day to Flickr (I’m using B’s Flickr account because he convinced me it was better that way). I’d just post them all to the blog, but probably not all of the blog subscribers need to have their emails baby-photo-bombed on a daily basis. (Heck, if you really want a photo every day by email, let me know, and it’s possible I could make that happen.)

Now, I thought there would be an easy way to add a feed from that photo set to this blog so that you’d see the latest one or three or whatever up in the corner when you checked in here – but that doesn’t actually seem to be true. Technical crap and blah blah blah. I might still be able to explore some options with plugins, but I may not be able to find the time or not be savvy enough. For now anyway, there is a link in the side bar, or here, to jump over to the set of photos. It’s up to date right now: I dumped all my backlog of photos from my phone onto my laptop today, and then added them to Flickr to get the whole “daily photo project” started. There isn’t one for every day, but I got about 2/3 of the days from birth to present.

The other change to the sidebar is that I got rid of the Baby Registry link and changed it over to a Wish List. All things that Vivian wants for her own enjoyment (projected, since she doesn’t speak much English yet), rather than things we want for the purpose of taking care of her. Mainly books and toys. Just in case you happen to be looking for gift ideas.

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