Three Months Old!

"I'm three months old today and I'm super stoked about it!"

“I’m three months old today and I’m super stoked about it!”

In all the literature I was reading up to and just past Vivian’s birth, the three month birthday sounded like something out of a fairy tale. According to just about everything, three month old babies magically start sleeping all night, eating at regular and generous intervals, pooping just once a day (or less!), no longer crying all the time, and being social and playful. Basically, while a newborn was described as at worst a colicky little gremlin and at best an eat-poop-sleep machine, a three month old was suddenly recognizable as a miniature human being. Well, Vivian was never an especially difficult newborn, and I can’t say there was an overnight transformation or that all of those 3-month promises have come to fruition, but you know? They aren’t totally inaccurate, either. So where are we?

Sleeping… it is what it is for now, I guess. I wrote about it a little last week, and I’ll likely be posting about it again soon, since it seems to be currently evolving. It’s still a mystery what any given night is going to bring. Like I was saying before, though, the daytime naps have been consolidated down to 3-4 major ones instead of itty bitty mini naps throughout the day, and they are falling at more predictable intervals. This  development has gone a long way to giving me back some “me time,” since she can now be put down someplace for a big block of time and I can do some dishes or even knit two rows of a project.

Feeding still has its challenges, and she still gets a 4 oz bottle of formula almost every evening to supplement the breastfeeding. But, the feeding intervals are getting a little more spaced out and she doesn’t act like she’s starving every waking minute. Also, she’s finally accepting being weaned off the “shield” that the Japanese nurses got us hooked on back when we were in the hospital, and which she’s clung to like a junkie ever since. I truly resent that thing. Or make that, those 6 things, since I have them stashed all over the house and in the diaper bag so they are there when needed. I’ll be super happy when they are gone for good.

My favorite thing about 3-month- versus newborn-Vivian is how much she enjoys seeing new stuff – and it’s ALL new stuff. Apparently it doesn’t get much better than riding face-out in the BabyBjorn carrier and seeing all the brightly colored packages while we go grocery shopping, or (brand new thing in the last couple of days) sitting on my lap at a restaurant and gawking at small children in the next booth, or ogling waitresses as they hurry past. (By the way, Japanese waitresses always hurry.) Watching her take everything in and get such pleasure from it makes me proud and honestly a little jealous. Wouldn’t it be great for literally everything to be amazing?

No sun getting in these baby blues. Also? Chomp, chomp.

No sun getting in these baby blues. Also? Chomp, chomp.

When she was three weeks old, I wrote about some things that Vivian liked and hated.  I think it’s time that list was updated. So! Things that Vivian loves at three months:

  • The BabyBjorn carrier. I know I just said this, but going places in the Bjorn is her current number one favorite thing to do besides eat. Even if we’re just walking around the neighborhood, she likes to ride facing the world, chomping on the edge of the fabric.
  • Exercising and working on new motor skills. The big one right now is sitting upright, which makes sitting on my lap at restaurants extra fun because she sees new stuff AND practices her skills.
  • Watching us make silly faces and ridiculous noises – although this keeps her attention slightly less effectively than it did at two months. Also, she doesn’t fit on our bent legs the same way she used to. So, while amusing, this is not nearly as fun as…
  • Playing with “Mirror Baby.” We have a couple of full length mirrors in the house, and she will just stare at herself or Mommy or Daddy in the mirror and grin like a maniac.
  • Being naked. We play into this by getting all excited about “Nakey Baby Time!” The diaper comes off, and she’ll attempt to grab her feet with her hands and roll around, or else just kick wildly, and be generally adorable. (She is still not a fan, though, of having the new diaper or outfit installed.)
  • Related to being naked, she still loves baths. No matter how much of a meltdown she’s been having that evening, going into the warm water immediately restores her enthusiasm.
  • She’s still into high contrast board books, and her Wee Gallery Art Cards (she has the Farm and Pets sets). This type of item has the added benefit of frequently making her poo upon viewing, with too great a frequency to be coincidence.
  • Getting things into her hands, and then aiming said things toward her mouth.
  • Watching Daddy play guitar; though the sample size on that is small, it was captivating at least that one time this past weekend.

There really aren’t too terribly many things she hates right now. Most of the crying is still about being hungry or running out of food, being sleepy, or getting put down for three seconds if she’s not in a good mood. Other things of which Vivian is not a fan include:

  • The car coming to a stop, such as at a traffic light.
  • The sun being in her eyes (hence those awesome shades).
  • Getting her fingernails trimmed, which unfortunately needs to be done about every third day or else her face and my chest end up crisscrossed with teeny scratches.
  • Being held in a reclined position (you know, like a baby) unless she’s being fed or is practically asleep.
  • Loud sudden sounds. You can’t really blame her; who enjoys loud sudden sounds? In this category are things like the blender, and sneezes – not hers, mind you, just if someone sneezes in her immediate vicinity. This is no good, because I have a cold this week and I seem to have passed it to B, and there’s been quite a LOT of sneezing.
  • Doing any one thing for more than 5 minutes, unless it’s something really exciting like a walk: then she can happily go all day or at least until nap time. But no, any toy or book, no matter how into it she may be at first, is totally offensive a few minutes later.
Baby hands. So cute, but so dangerous.

Baby hands. So cute, but so dangerous.

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