Viv on Video: Giggling

I buy things on the Internet. It is a habit I’ve had for some time, but since we’ve been living in Japan and had a baby, this habit has… escalated somewhat. I hardly ever buy things locally for a laundry list of reasons. I don’t know where to go for said item, or I can’t read the label / instruction manual, or I have no familiarity with the brand’s quality, or I just plain don’t like the selection. With the baby items in particular, the list of excuses also includes not trusting the safety standards to be as high as US products – it’s a country with seemingly zero seatbelt laws, after all. Anyway, this is all just to preface the following photo.

photo… What can I say? When I get on a buying kick, I do it all at once. Also, Amazon will apparently not put more than three objects into one box, so, if you order a dozen things at the same time, then you start to build quite a cardboard stack. Add in a few essentials from Vitacost and, and, well. This.

The stack you see here contains many, many yards of those plastic replacement-for-packing-peanuts strip-of-air-cushion thingies (you know what I’m talking about, right?). B’s technique for breaking these down is: hold at top with one hand, take knife in other hand, slash down through entire strip in one go.

Apparently, this is a hilarious thing to watch.

She was really cracking up. She’s been doing a rudimentary “Heh, heh” practice laugh for a couple of weeks, but she’s only done this true laughing a handful of times, just the last two days or so. This evening was the first time B had heard it. Also, yes, she does have hiccups for the whole video.

That gasp at the very end of the video? Is when B nearly impaled his own foot.

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