Vivian has a new favorite pastime, and it is bouncing. Or at least, sitting in the bouncy seat and staring at one of us Big People with a huge grin on her face. Probably because we’re engaging in Ridiculous Antics of one sort or another.

Either way, look how happy she is! And when baby’s happy, everybody’s happy.* Big thanks to Aunt Donna and Uncle Erv for the Jumperoo. She adores it (and we enjoy our new 10 minute pauses for stretching our back muscles or visiting the restroom).

We decided about a week ago that she was big and strong enough to take it out of the box, though admittedly her toes just barely touch the floor. Still, as soon as we got it assembled, Viv was totally sold. Mere moments after being put in it the first time:

Love at first bounce


*This is only true 95% of the time. Sometimes baby is happy when she’s supposed to be asleep. If baby is happy at 3am, I am generally not also happy.

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