Four Months Old!

Yesterday was Vivian’s four-month-birthday. Hooray! (Yes, we are going to celebrate all of these! Until she’s 18! Alright, alright, maybe not 18. Maybe just 1.)

The last month has seemed like even more a blur than ever. Maybe it’s the sleeplessness. Maybe it’s that there haven’t been all that many changes between three months and four. There haven’t been so many new skills as just refinement of existing skills, like assisted sitting and standing, or using her hands. She is increasingly strong and coordinated, and she’s getting more vocal. Lots of ear-piercing squeals lately. She really likes bouncing in her Jumperoo these days, and is much less keen on the baths than she used to be. And of course, there’s the teething. The bottom front right incisor is coming in, so she has been very pitiful with her hands, or whatever she can get her hands on, in her mouth constantly.

She had her four-month checkup at the base clinic yesterday, which was all fine. She’s meeting all the developmental milestones according to the worksheet I had to fill out. She is 16 lbs 1 oz, and 26.5 inches long. That’s 94th and >99th percentiles, respectively. The doctor (who is not the doctor we’ve seen before) started saying how her weight was 94th percentile, and we might want to be a little bit concerned about her being chubby if the trend continues. Except then I asked about what percentile she is in for her weight-for-height, which he clearly had not taken into account, because she’s only 29th percentile there. So for as tall as she is, she’s actually a bit underweight. (Nevermind the double chin and cankles.)

Let’s say I’m unimpressed with this doctor. Vivian wasn’t a fan of him either. She was pretty cooperative for the corpsman through all the measurements and vitals, but she screamed during the doc’s exam. (To be fair, it was way past nap time.)

After that, she had to get shots. Poor baby. By that point, she seemed to be freaking out almost as much about being laid on the table as about actually getting poked. Once it was over and I picked her up, she quit crying almost immediately. Then she fell asleep while I was holding her out in the hallway. Pitiful thing. By the time I got her home and she woke up again, she was in a perfectly chipper mood.

“I am super tall! And my mouth hurts.”

The doctor authorized starting solids this month. I know there is some contention about starting at 4 months versus 6 months, but, I think she’s ready. I know I’m super duper ready. Besides, we need to bulk her up! So, tomorrow, rice cereal fun begins. I shall report back on that experience.

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