Starting Solids

It was a big day: Vivian had her first “solid” “meal” today. In other words, she swallowed a couple of teaspoons’ worth of rice mush, and smeared an equal or greater amount around on her face. Whee!

We attempted to capture the grand occasion on video, with only moderate success. She is overly fond of the camera, you see, so whatever amazing thing she’s in the process of doing when you start filming, as soon as she realizes you’re filming, she quits doing that thing. So the majority of her actually ingesting any food was not caught on camera. But you can get the gist.

Ultimately, it was a learning experience for all three of us.

For posterity’s sake: I went to the trouble of getting some organic brown rice, grinding it up, cooking it on the stovetop, and adding breast milk to make it super-palatable for Baby’s taste buds. Because that’s love, right there. We toyed with the idea of giving her something more exotic for her first food – like avocado! wouldn’t that be neat! – but then rationality kicked in. Avocados are too expensive and don’t keep well enough for her to more or less accidentally eat a quarter of an ounce of one while figuring out the basics of swallowing.

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