Catching Up on Month Four + “Pthbbbt”

Ack! It’s been a little while since I posted, huh? Sorry about that. Let’s get caught up here… In the last two weeks, Vivian improved her solids-consumption techniques drastically, though she’s certainly no pro just yet. She ate three additional new foods: bananas, avocados, and ‘kabocha,’ or Japanese pumpkin (a winter squash, think butternut or acorn squash). Both of her bottom front teeth broke through the gum, so now it hurts when she bites us but she seems much less miserable; I have not yet been able to get a photo of the teeth. She continues to be lousy at sleeping, and it continues to make me pretty irritable all night every night. She rolled from her back to her tummy for the first time, this Thursday, though it seemed to have been quite by accident and has not yet been repeated.


Also? She met her grandfather for the first time! My dad came to visit, for four days tacked onto the tail end of a business trip in Japan. It’s pretty awful, being so far away from family that at four months old, this is only the second of her family she’s met, besides her own mom & dad. At least we live in the age of Skype…


As you can see, Viv and grandpa were instant besties. We took a trip to a lovely, quiet little beach out on Hirado island. Vivian got to put her feet in the ocean for the very first time. I think she was amused.


Now, in the silliness department, she has been working on a new, uh, communication skill. In other words, she’s discovered a new sound she can make, and spent much of the day perfecting it. This first video is from early this afternoon.

And this second one is from later in the evening.

Quite a drastic improvement for only a few hours, right? Well, there was an awful lot of practicing during that time. The best part about it is, now her comedy repertoire has expanded to include fart jokes.

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