Sitting (A Work in Progress)

Oh, you know, just sitting here on the sofa. Hangin’ out.

No, she certainly can’t get into a seated position on her own, and yeah, she definitely has to be supervised (especially on the sofa!) because she’ll topple over before long. But Vivian has got the “tripod” sitting position just about mastered, and she’s gained enough confidence that she’ll lift her hands for a moment to grab something. Like her rainbow blankie, in the picture.

The problem she’s been having is that she wants to straighten her legs, because we’ve been practicing with pulling her up into a sitting and then standing position. She apparently loves standing, so she wants to do it on her own. Unfortunately, when she tries to do it on her own from her tripod sit, she just does a face plant. I’d get it on video, but I’m too preoccupied trying to keep her from hurting her adorable face.

Coordination issues aside, this baby has tremendous core strength. Way to go, baby girl.

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2 Responses to Sitting (A Work in Progress)

  1. cheryl says:

    it truly is an adorable face!

  2. uncle will says:

    i love the face! smirk

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