Vivian’s 6 month birthday is next Tuesday, but she went for her 6-month-checkup today. (We’ll be busy with packing out our house on Tuesday! Aaahh!)

This goliath baby is 28 inches long and weighs just a tad over 21 lbs. 99th-plus percentile for her age in both, and somewhere around 90th percentile for weight-for-height.

Hmm, I suppose maybe she’s a leeeetle bit chunky.

That’s okay.

It looks good on her.

Vivian, you don’t have to conform to society’s standards.

The doctor (who was the same idiot we saw last time, but who we never have to see again because we’re moving hooray!) said when she starts crawling and being increasingly physical, her weight gain will probably slow down. It makes me wonder if maybe she’s at the 90th percentile weight-for-height because other babies who are her height are already old enough to be crawling / walking / burning more calories. Is that a stretch? Hm.

Anyway, nothing much noteworthy happened at her appointment. According to their checklist, she is on target for all her skills. She got her 6 month vaccinations, as evidenced by the bandaids on her thighs. And she grinned at everybody she saw up until the shots, and then was happy again 5 minutes afterward.

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2 Responses to GigantoBaby

  1. Wendy says:

    Just so you know, that was pretty standard on our side of the family. 90-110th percentile until about three or four actually. My kids generally got up to about 30-35 pounds and stayed there for around two years before the next height growth spurt, then it all evened out. I think it has to do with your Grandpa Key’s genetics. His family were all huge babies, and even his sister ended up over 6′ tall.

  2. Wendy says:

    By the way…Happy 1/2 birthday Viv!

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