Vivian Moves to America, Pt. I

Our baby is going to be completely traumatized. Her whole world has been turned upside down, and it’s going to get even crazier before it gets better again.

First, on Sunday, we sold some of her favorite things. Mainly the Jumperoo and the swing, but a few smaller things as well. I am planning for it to take 3-4 months before we see our household goods again, and by then these items will be totally outgrown (because, giant baby) and/or no longer needed. They are too bulky to try to get them back to the States by any other method. So we let them go to other very nice Navy people. Now, the Jumperoo is too critical a piece of equipment to do without, and Vivian still has good jumping days ahead of her, so it will be replaced as soon as possible. The swing was our number one nap spot, but … I think the universe is saying, it’s time we break the habit.


Then, after we sold some of her things, the rest of her things got packed away into great big boxes over the space of two very long, very busy, very loud days. Some of the boxes are a bit silly.


Vivian found it fascinating…

IMG_2082…and ultimately a bit stressful.

IMG_2096Like I said, they were a couple of long days – for all of us. I have to say, she was quite a trooper; the pack out went much more smoothly than I expected. The second pack out day, yesterday, she and I basically “hid out” and played most of the day in the former guest bedroom, with the doors closed to preserve the air conditioning while the rest of the house sweltered.


Naps have been particularly challenging. Not just because the number-one-nap-spot got carried off in a RAV4, but also because of all the commotion. Both pack out mornings I took her for walking naps in her stroller, despite the mid-July heat, while B stayed at the house with the movers.

IMG_2086(The muslin blankie canopy is effective at keeping her from getting sunburned.)

She got some car naps as well, but sleep has been hard to come by. She’s still only capable of being awake for about 2 hours before she mutates from an adorable cherub into a vicious crankybeast. Today, which was the post-pack-out cleaning / inspection / errands day, was maybe the roughest for naps, since every time she got in the car, she’d fall asleep – for 10 minutes. By the time we got back to the Navy Lodge this afternoon, Vivian was rather agitated and, upon coaxing, crashed hard.


So that’s the abbreviated version of the moving-out side of our giant transoceanic homecoming move. My biggest concern the whole time was whether and where the baby would sleep. Also, none of our things got broken and we have a gazillion pounds of luggage to try to haul through the airport. The upcoming travel itself has been a bit of a nightmare, but that’s for the next post.

I know Vivian won’t remember her time in Japan, but right now it’s all she’s known. It must be so profoundly confusing for her. Or, you know, maybe not. Maybe I’m projecting too much, and she’s just living in the moment wherever we might take her. Maybe her contentedness is entirely dependent only on how well-rested she is or is not.

Here is a picture of Vivian in an empty room playing with a zebra rattle. Is it cute, or sad, or both?


Tomorrow night, we fly out. Now THAT will be a looooonnng day.

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