We are still alive! … and Vivian is one year old!

Hi there! How are you? We’re great.

IMG_2951Somehow, we landed in the US and I immediately dropped the blog. I could go through the whole ‘why that probably happened’ thing, but it doesn’t really matter, does it? And then I got so behind, and had so much that I felt I should probably write about, and it was just so overwhelmingly daunting that I put it off and put it off and it only got worse until I was never, ever going to be able to catch up.

So, if I (and you) want to bring the blog back, I (and you) need to come to terms with just picking up with right now, and not trying to go back and cover everything for the last 6 months. I might hit some high points; we’ll see how it goes. But I am going to try to get it going again. Hopefully weekly posts. Wednesdays. (Let’s see how many weeks before I miss one. Ha.)

Anyway, right now, where we are is: Vivian turned one year old last week! Amazeballs.

B was out of town doing training, but he got back the following day. We waited for him before we did presents. Her Grandma came to visit for the whole week, and good times were had by all. On her birthday, Vivian got to have ice cream for breakfast (because I had ice cream for breakfast the morning I was induced, and therefore it shall be her birthday tradition). She did not like it, even though she has liked ice cream previously.

IMG_3027We went out for a sushi dinner, because, you know, she’s Japanese. Also, Vivian is totally in love with the waiter at our sushi place.

72937_10203135998629435_1580942772_nBefore you say anything about the Big Birthday Cake Smash, we did that at Christmas when my family and B’s mom were all here together. I made these amazing strawberry cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting. With a marshmallow on top, because marshmallows are her favorite thing. (Seriously. I threw away some stale ones, and she saw me do it and cried and later tried to pull them out of the trash and eat them. I managed to thwart her, but it was close.)


I took a video of the cupcake smash, but a) I did a really bad job managing the camera and also the baby; b) she did a lot more picking than smashing and barely ate any of it, so it was boring; and c) she had a cold at the time so she was blowing ginormous snot bubbles. Yuck. But here is the aftermath, anyway.


Thanks to everybody who sent her lovely birthday cards and gifts!

Vivian had her 12 month well baby doctor visit — with her non-Navy, very likable and competent new doctor — this week. She is healthy and developmentally great, and she continues to be a GigantoBaby at 32″ tall and 25lb 8oz. The doctor came in and said “How’d you get so tall?” Since I missed writing about it, I’ll tell you from her 9(ish) month appointment that’s a two-inch but only about a half-pound gain. So maybe she’s starting to stretch out.

To close out this post, the biggest news in Vivian’s life lately is that she has started walking! Not full-time, but she’s getting better at it. Grandma got a video of one of her longer strolls on the night before her birthday.

Ta da!

Ok, see you next week.

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One Response to We are still alive! … and Vivian is one year old!

  1. Cheryl says:

    I welcome any news whenever you have time to write it.

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