Snow Day

We got hit pretty hard with that winter storm here in southeastern Virginia last night. Hard enough that I had to dig a trench for the dog to go do his business. No worries though. Vivian and I didn’t have anywhere to be for the next few days, and the heat’s working just fine in the house, so we’re good.

I took Vivian outside to “play” in the snow. We got a pretty good snowfall last week as well, so this is her second time seeing snow. She didn’t particularly do much, but here’s the footage anyway. At the very least, you can see how cute she is in her snow suit.

(Or if you want to save yourself a minute and a half, you get basically the same effect from this photo.)


Speaking of her snow suit, she had a major meltdown while I was getting her ready to go out. This is a kid who pretty much hates getting dressed anyway, so add bulky layers and something as offensive as mittens?!? Awful! And yes, she has grocery bags rubber-banded over her mittens, because I never bought her any waterproof hand gear. D’oh.

I tried to get her to actually play a little more after I stopped the video, at which point she promptly went back into meltdown mode and we had to go back inside. But for a whole minute and a half, she sort-of-kind-of-maybe enjoyed herself in the snow.

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