Pearly Whites


The baby’s drool the last couple weeks has been like a fountain. Sure enough, a couple of days ago one of Vivian’s bottom canines broke the surface. The other side looks like it’s just below the gum line, too. Canines! The internet says to expect those to come in at 16-20 months. So she’s three months early.

Poor girl. She just got through the ordeal of the first molars, too. She was pretty cranky and had lost her appetitefor several days the week before last, but thankfully she got back to normal well in advance of the new teeth actually poking through. I know canine teeth tend to be one of the worst sets for teething pain, so we seem to have gotten off relatively easy. After these, just the second molars remain! Think she’ll get her “two-year molars” by 18 months? Hm??

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