Moo-Cow Milk


I like this picture from a couple of weeks ago. Baby, cat, and – look closely – you can see the dog’s ears there behind the cat, too. I have a popular lap, especially on chilly mornings. Anyway…

Vivian is 13 months old and she is officially weaned, from both breastmilk and formula. Yay! Just plain (ok, organic) whole milk for this girl.

In some ways it would be nice to keep nursing her another few months. Then again, I also would have preferred that she never had to have formula. Unfortunately the breastfeeding thing didn’t go the way I expected, from the very beginning. And you know what? I kind of hated it. There, I said it. Mostly the anxiety and feelings of inadequacy it caused me, but also how fidgety Vivi always was while nursing. She’s very restless, and precious baby fingers forcing their way into your mouth while her cute little feet push on your ribs really loses its charm after a while. She is not nearly as bad with a bottle. I’m glad that I was able to breastfeed her at least part-time for her full first year, because I know it’s so good for her – but I’m happy to be done with that chapter.

Now, Daddy can put her to bed sometimes! Or Grandma! Or a babysitter! Oh, the date night possibilities! Plus, possibly coincidentally, since she’s been getting a bottle instead of nursing before bedtime the last couple of weeks, she’s suddenly sleeping later in the mornings. Occasionally as late as 8:30! It’s like a miracle.

The next challenge up is to convince her that it’s okay to drink milk out of a cup instead of a bottle, and after that to convince her that it’s okay for milk to be cold. For some reason, water or juice are fine in a sippy cup, but milk in one is cause for a major tantrum.

Bonus milestone today: She is walking basically all the time, but not all that skillfully; Vivian suffered her first scraped knee this afternoon. She took it like a champ though.

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One Response to Moo-Cow Milk

  1. Grandma Lynn says:

    Yay! She’s just about ready to stay with Grandma at her house!

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