Two Year Checkup

Vivi’s 2-year well visit to her pediatrician was this week – a whole month behind. “We’ll call you when we’re putting the schedule together,” they said. Yeah, right. And by the time I called them, well, the appointment was a month behind.

Anywho, at age 2 years + 1 month, V is 32 lbs and 37 inches tall. That’s (still) 99th percentile for height relative to age, and 95th for weight. Giant baby becomes giant toddler!

At her 18 month well visit, there was some worry about a speech delay because her vocabulary hadn’t progressed much between 15 months – 18 months. We even had an in-home visit last summer to see whether a full evaluation was warranted en route to speech therapy. But the counselor advised against a full evaluation, and said it was likely just a matter of stubbornness. Long story short, since then and especially in the last 2-3 months, her speech has been advancing tremendously, and at this week’s checkup the doc was happy with where she is in that regard.

And speaking of speaking…

(Yeah. Still haven’t fully dealt with the pacifier problem…)

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One Response to Two Year Checkup

  1. The Dad says:

    Careful how you deal with that Pi problem. We scarred poor Vivi’s Mama for life when we made her spit hers out that final time. ;o)

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