Pi(e) Day

The less geeky readers of this blog may not have realized that today was Pi Day (pi rounding to 3.14, noting also that this year’s was extra special because of the bonus digits). It wasn’t planned at all, but Vivi and I wound up observing Pi Day in quite a unique and fitting way.

See, this is Vivian with her “pie.”


You may know it as “binky” or “paci,” but in our house the pacifier(s) are called pie. And I’ve been trying to work up the willingness (on her end) and the courage (on my end) to ditch them. A couple months ago, we got this book about a little girl who happily lets the Pacifier Fairy take all her binkies off to Fairyland, where the fairies all use them in bizarre and unlikely very clever and useful ways, plus the Pacifier Fairy leaves the little girl a doll as a bribe or whatever. We’ve read it often, not oppressively or anything, but enough to have had a few conversations about the idea. About on a weekly basis I ask her, “Viv, are you ready to give the Pie Fairy your pies?” and she inevitably says, “No, keep.”

Well, a couple of times she’s said “Yeah,” but then immediately changed her mind, because she’s fickle (or maybe she’s just two).

Recently I started reading the book calling the main character “Vivi.” Maybe that helped. I also started to introduce the other part of my pie-eradication scheme. Still, I wasn’t expecting a yes today when I asked her, as we were driving back from errands…

“Viv, what if we took your favorite pie and turned it into a bear, or maybe a doggy or a kitty, or whatever kind of friend you want?”

BUT – Pi Day Miracle! – today she went for it. I tried very hard to make sure she understood the implications (a, that it would only be a toy friend, and b, that once it became a friend, it couldn’t be a pie again), and I told her the rest of the deal was that the other pies all had to be given to the Pie Fairy. She agreed and told me she wanted a puppy. Well, cool.

So after her nap today, we put all but one pie into an envelope and then we went to Build A Bear. They only had one dog, and she didn’t like it, but they did have this totally Lisa-Frank-flashback rainbow tiger, which she flipped out about. So the nice Bear Elf, or whatever you call them, helped her plump up her jazzy tiger and Viv stuck that pacifier in there herself with no hesitation. I was so proud.

IMG_4418She didn’t want any clothes for her tiger, but she did want a brush. Works for me.

IMG_4416There was one short bit of “Get pie out!” and crying during the drive home. I admit I had imagined she might bite and claw at the thing’s seams once she realized what she’d done, but that wasn’t how it played out at all. She calmed down pretty quickly, and I told her that the pie couldn’t be in her mouth any more, but having it inside the tiger meant it would always be close by.

Viv didn’t protest one bit when we set the envelope with the other pies outside her door at bedtime, for the fairy to pick up. She didn’t protest at not getting a pie while I read her stories – we read the Pie Fairy book, among others. She didn’t protest when we turned the light off and she climbed in bed without a pie. I sat in the chair in her room waiting for her to go to sleep, which I don’t usually do (though she lately always asks me to). She did take forever (about 45 minutes) to go to sleep, but she never cried or even asked for it. Well, okay, after she’d been laying there about 15 minutes in the dark, I thought I heard one tiny whisper of “Want pie”; I whispered back “What?” and she didn’t say anything else. Other than that she just sighed and shifted around quite a lot until she finally went to sleep. I had braced myself for a huge meltdown and horrible night, but she was awesome.

Tomorrow she’ll wake up to find another friend from the Pie Fairy, with a special magical note and everything.


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