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Pi(e) Day

The less geeky readers of this blog may not have realized that today was Pi Day (pi rounding to 3.14, noting also that this year’s was extra special because of the bonus digits). It wasn’t planned at all, but Vivi … Continue reading

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Two Year Checkup

Vivi’s 2-year well visit to her pediatrician was this week – a whole month behind. “We’ll call you when we’re putting the schedule together,” they said. Yeah, right. And by the time I called them, well, the appointment was a … Continue reading

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Vivian Turns Two

Friday was Vivian’s birthday! (She has, by all accounts, been in “terrible twos” mode for months now. I’m excited that we finally have a new digit to show for it.) Behold the photo recap of the festivities. I hope you … Continue reading

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Twenty Fifteen

Hi friends, family, and total strangers! It’s been a while. So long, in fact, that I basically forgot this blog entirely. Oops. Let’s catch up a bit! It’s 2015 and life is just crazy. Seriously. Things are in a total … Continue reading

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A Budding Engineer

I love the little head shakes and nose wrinkles she does when she’s like “No, that’s not the way I want it” and starts over. I skipped the last couple weeks of posting because I got distracted by visitors. Whee! … Continue reading

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Moo-Cow Milk

I like this picture from a couple of weeks ago. Baby, cat, and – look closely – you can see the dog’s ears there behind the cat, too. I have a popular lap, especially on chilly mornings. Anyway… Vivian is … Continue reading

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Pearly Whites

The baby’s drool the last couple weeks has been like a fountain. Sure enough, a couple of days ago one of Vivian’s bottom canines broke the surface. The other side looks like it’s just below the gum line, too. Canines! The … Continue reading

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Chores + Vocabulary Confusion

Vivian is a handful. I haven’t spent all that much time with very many babies / toddlers, so I can’t really say whether she is more demanding of attention than an average kiddo her age. What I can say is … Continue reading

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Snow Day

We got hit pretty hard with that winter storm here in southeastern Virginia last night. Hard enough that I had to dig a trench for the dog to go do his business. No worries though. Vivian and I didn’t have … Continue reading

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We are still alive! … and Vivian is one year old!

Hi there! How are you? We’re great. Somehow, we landed in the US and I immediately dropped the blog. I could go through the whole ‘why that probably happened’ thing, but it doesn’t really matter, does it? And then I … Continue reading

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